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With countries going into meltdown over a second wave of Covid-19, what I wrote three months ago needs revisiting.

I was hoping that over the 2020 summer we'd come out of this somehow, at least partially, and find "a new normal" to keep us going more sustainably. Obviously the world's most forward-looking governments seem to have had other plans ($*&@() and we're back in our homes, no longer officially confined, but mostly very sceptical and reluctant about going out and meeting people.

I'm happy and lucky to have had work during this time. I am leaving it. (I left one team for another in the end.) Workspace has been brutal — remote specialists relying on clear plans VS reactive management unable to have realtime bandwidth meetings. Days full of meaningless Zoom calls, codec voices, 2D faces, no touch, little movement, no progress, the list goes on. The consequence is that many of us, for one reason or another, are not just staying home, but also that to fill N hours/day with work somehow means less than it used to mean before. It all has become tougher, as decision-making has become more problematic. I hear this echoed by friends I talk to.

Tl;dr we're back in our homes. Northern hemisphere days are becoming shorter and colder, and we need to get our warm feels anywhere we can find them. We're back to decorating time, and despite life being kind of tough right now (and looking tougher next year), I have once again made all my releases PWYW on Bandcamp. Here's to an extra half hour or three for which you have music to put on, no ads, no telemetry, no algorithms, no strings attached.


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