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Ikae Remaster


ikae remaster

Today I am releasing the remastered edition of my first EP Ikae.

It's taken 18 years to get here. In 2002 my hard drive crashed and I did lose some files, though (mostly) not Ikae. Beyond 2004 when deFocus ceased to operate, I've been trying to collate the original multitrack stems. For a few years those had simply disappeared, stored on some forsaken CDs I had put who-knows-where. Then life got in the way.

For over a decade I had all files except for Eloki and Preledd.

And so a year ago, when I was in Sofia for a few days, I searched as hard as I could. Of both tracks, I found versions that needed minimal tweaks to get to the shape I remember releasing them in.

A long time ago, I'd have the patience for MMX drivers and real DOS and VirtualBox playing up. This time I was just happy that Impulse Tracker's diskwriter agreed to render even without full old PC emulation. Now I know better than to let some technicality distract me. So the music is there with minor, hopefully not noticeable, differences in detail. And the remaster turned out much to my liking.

Enjoy ♪♫

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