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new track on VA Proswell - Remixes by Friends


Here's a collab that to my awareness was completely unplanned and kind of casual, while obviously from the organiser's POV it must have been massive. I'm very happy not just to have a track on this compilation of Proswell remixes, but also that it is a collaboration with another m3rck artist, a mentor of mine, and someone I deeply respect and regard as extremely talented musician and an awesome person overall - namely Kschzt.

This was a fairly straightforward process of bouncing stems back and forth until "Ikiryo" was assembled. Frankly I didn't even realise we were working on a remix. That's just one more reason it sounds nothing like the original. Jak did the nice sounds, and I did the layers that are all a bit weird and slightly out of tune, except for one. On Ikiryo I also let go of my usual obsessive attention to the mix and arrangement. I keep reminding myself to do that more often. It's the right thing to do, even if this time the master came out a tad magnified for my taste.

Proswell - remixes with friends

It's a privilege to be on this compilation among talented people like Vim!, Ilkae, Ochre, Proem, Logreybeam, literally too many to list. Good tunes: Proswell - Remixes by Friends.

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