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The other day I ordered a blender from Amazon. Then they sent me this email:

"Dear Amazon Customer,
As a thank you for your Amazon order, we would like to offer you 90 free days of Amazon Music Unlimited, with access to 50 million songs and thousands of playlists and stations on all your favourite devices."

So basically, buy anything, get 90 days of all-you-can-listen-to free music with it. Hard to decide which level of wrong to pick first. For me it's the shocking treatment of music as a dirt cheap commodity that is problematic.

People record music, transforming time of their lives into beauty and order and a message, to connect through physical and virtual space and time. And sure, 99.99% of music has no monetary value, so while there's hardly any "market" left to destroy, Amazon ships what's left of its emotional value, in bulk, crammed in generic containers, at no added cost.

That's not how art works.

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