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The Facebook dilemma


The Great hack

After watching The Great Hack (you really should see it if you haven't), I'm convinced that for people to stop donating their data to Facebook, two things need to happen:

  1. There needs to be repeated questioning of why people keep using Facebook.
  2. Part of the answer to 1 is because the content ends up there. And we, who host artist pages on Facebook, end up complicit in the commodification of personal information. Our original content needs to go from those surveilled walled gardens. Of course people can still share our stuff, but a lot rides on us - artists - being the link originators, feeding our content into the promotion machine, to spread around the surveilled walled garden.

Two, above, is big. And hard to address. As a small, tiny, music producer, I need Facebook much more than it needs me. But they won't change. So I must change. The inevitable conclusion is that I have to shut down my artist page.

I plan to do it at the end of this year.

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