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A while ago I opened a crypto wallet.

This was shortly before NFTs came to prominence, before Etherium transaction costs (GAS) shot up to crazy levels, before Bitcoin was $40,000, generally not very long before crypto was an "everyone and their cat mining on multi-GPU rigs" affair, and NFTs were the "pixels for cash" they are today.

Though I did want to look into NFTs, somewhat predictably, I minted zero of those: the only Esem-related expenses I allow myself are direct costs of hardware instruments, software plugins, or fees for hosting or music streaming. Buying coins with old world money was and still is no go. My computer isn't a mining rig (it's for music and thus prohibitively inefficient for crypto). The subsequent NFT debates in the public space just made me not venture into that field at all.

Long story short, I kept my wallet only for one reason: to make it possible for people to support me in crypto-currency. If you don't do old world money, but still wish to donate to my music cause somehow, my ETH address is below:

Ξ 0x818683C8dAF1D900EF56d6324A1E2F44dfD0984d

p.s Please don't expect much beyond a code for some Bandcamp music in return, and that is only if I knew where/who to send it to......... ♪♫

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