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You may have noticed this place was extremely quiet in 2021.

Quite frankly it's simply because for me, for the most part, 2021 was merely a continuation of 2020 – the uncertainty of Covid with the added nonsense of Brexit.

The meditative (ritual) practice of diving deep into making music, extending to diving deep into prototyping software side things or work stuff – that kept me going. Nothing less, but also nothing more.

It would have been nice if I had something new to offer. The pressure from people's content left and right is real, I feel it as much as the next creative person. However, one video by Ricky Tinez resonates above everything else. In August and October I made time and I took time off, to be kinder to my other half and to my own self.

Here's to things getting better in 2022. I hope we collectively re-evaluate the strange corners of our worldviews we seem to be finding ourselves in. See you next year!

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