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Lockdown, PWYW, Xmas


With my fourth EP virtually complete, I am reminded that the music I release takes a gigantic chunk of time and effort, and that I am a small independent artist, who cannot afford to offer it for free indefinitely. Now that Covid-19 vaccines have come out, and the most idiotic US election in my time has finished, our collective anxiety down massively, going back to (new-) normal life includes doing a financially responsible thing for myself.

I narrowcast a crazy amount of music exploration on Twitch three times a week. Rough, unpolished, repetitive, but more true to what I'm actually up to than anything recorded, arranged, and mixed. That is my gift to you this year.

The rest, as usual, is on Bandcamp. I don't care for Spotify's transactional attitude to music, and so there's very little of my work there.


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