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2017 - Year of EI


One of the byproducts of individualism is the becoming out of touch with another's feelings, even in their presence. Less expected is losing touch with one's own feelings, simply by way of no longer getting feedback from another. Then stupid things start to happen.

2017 must be the year we develop emotional intelligence emotional literacy, way better than all our measly efforts so far. Otherwise, collectively, we'll fuck things up even worse. The social phenomena of 2016 were manifestations of not understanding others, and not looking at ourselves as part of that misunderstanding, a continuation of what's been going on for decades, made worse by the rusty moral compass of religion finally dying. On a larger scale we're burning down our own speck of a home in the cosmos, for pretty much the same reason.

In abstract, before we've stabbed at this problem repeatedly, it's not even possible to describe it in writing, or speech. It has its own language: emotions. Empathy is even harder.

Let's learn that.

Have a wonderful 2017

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