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"escape to our own dimension again"


Stumbled upon this interesting text today. Then landed at a response/followup. One could argue about the arcs of interest, or growing up or old. The overwhelming majority in the discussion about it seemed to agree to the sentiment.

A cynical-humorous-tested POV in response to "I don't like X anymore" really is "read your Marcus Aurelius", it's hard to put it more bluntly. But the follow up text posits something I hadn't heard for a long time: the need to escape to our own dimension again. A friend and mentor of mine used to see composing and producing music as a form of escapism. He placed great value on the composer isolating themselves alone in the act of making music - where the external factors do not play for the duration of the session.

Away from youtube talks, online forums, twitter, social networking, photos of nicely laid out rooms full of equipment, sites about new plugins, industry announcements, training and self-improvement articles, it is (perhaps not) surprising what some uninterrupted time with a musical instrument does for me. Really powerful stuff.

TIL the Germans have a word - Handwerkerehre - for a code of ethics in craftsmanship. Combined, the distractions and being let down by the relentless push of each next product, while the daily needs of life press down on your shoulders, seem to add to more than just their sum.

All reasons to actively make time and space where to go alone and be yourself.

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