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The radicalisation of music tools


On one hand - the shift back towards tactile hardware synth units, their keyboards removed, size shrunk, but analogue filters, tangible controls, and very real space requirements so you can only fit so many in a space.

On the other hand - tools like the iPad where software reacquires a lot of spirit by way of super responsive touch interfaces but also much more standardised hardware; also coded for creative immediacy by a crossbreed of developer-artists, rather than mega-corporations with shareholders to please. Sheer fun with new constraints to work around.

Korg Volcas and Roland Boutiques, recording into iPads alongside instruments like Samplr, Sector, TC-11, Sqrt, Stria, Hexaglyphics, Ondes; sound exports from Elastic Drums, BeepBoop, Analog Kit or GrainProc sequenced by tools like Patterning, Xynthesizr, Poly, Chordion, clocked by Link or Trigger Box, mixed in next-level environments like AUM. A different way to enjoy making music, away from the crowded ecosystem and unrealistic standards of desktop software music.

A whole new kind of commitment - record it or you lose it. More noodling destined for YouTube, and calling fewer things finished and official work. Probably a much needed, if a little subtle, change in the larger dynamic.

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