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Here's an informal how to market your music properly which is basically the mechanics of gaming the system in steps to try and cut through the noise, gain some exposure, and audience, for an (art) product, in this case music.

The assumption is the content is good. But the guide is still about the mechanics, much like The Manual was back in 1988, only KLF's text didn't pretend the work needs to be of high quality.

The issue with marketing is when it allows people to apply superior tactics to inferior products. And then when the tactics become a necessity, much like they've been on digital asset marketplaces for a long time now.

My baseline is to be honest to myself about the merits of my own work (which is why the upcoming remaster of Enveloped will lose one or two tracks which deFocus previously forced on it upon release).

Music, as long-term work, and these post-truth times, as (hopefully) transient.

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