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I thought the hard work around Aquanaut would be to finish it, mix it, release it, and then make sure someone notices. But I wasn't prepared for Google's search curveball. 

Two weeks of mp3 release sites way way above any official page. Two weeks of syndicated content networks bombing any meaningful search. Two weeks of my own site not appearing anywhere, while I try my hardest to investigate.

And then, a little one-liner in some forsaken part of google, saying my entire domain has been designated as only relevant to India. And no way to say otherwise. 

This is wrong. In no way should a search engine _decide_ on a basis as strong as this. I have no way of unselecting that I search from London, and no option to break 's false association with India. It's a line they've quietly crossed a few years back. Worse, other search engines seem to take their cues from Google too. 

This is not new to Google, or SEO companies. But for me, it meant having to move my entire site as quickly as I can, over to (Hey, at least I had the option.) For all the talk of net neutrality, this is _very_ far from feeling free to put content on the internet on equal terms with everyone else.

Anyway, if anything on this site is broken (though not much should have changed), please give me a shout. Until then, happy listening.

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