EP2: Aquanaut

Digital release on Bandcamp

This has been a decade of searching for the meaning of composing and releasing music and it only gets more mysterious and complicated as time goes by.


  • £4 or name-your-price digital download
  • Recorded between 2009 and 2013 in London
  • gorgeous PDF artwork by Denitsa Blagoeva
  • Released 25 December 2013 (ESEM_EP2)
  • 24bit 96kHz K-14 .wav version available


Quite simply, this is rewarding electronic music of the highest order. Investigate immediately. James Knapman, Igloomag
A typically superb piece of work. Maurizio Giambrone (opaeq), via
an electronic music pioneer..
crisp melodic production,just gorgeous music and brilliant to see new material from him.
Favorite track: Bioluminescence Simon Walmsley
♩ Ssyeru: "an expressive track that reveals more and more with each listen (Sutemos "We Make Music")
#divine King Britt
Electronic masterpiece and return to form. Steve Rhodes
Beautiful music, crazy sound & producing, and gorgeous art. Jamie Billings