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plug: Gordon Hackman + Scateren


The great thing about the Internet is that you can have, say, a business office manager, completely out in terms of relation to your activities or area of expertise, review your music (graphics, art, product as a whole).

Here's what 37-year old Gordon Hackman has to say about "Scateren"

If I were asked to pick one netlabel album as my favorite, this would probably be it. This is melodic IDM music par excellence, with a warm spacious feel, beautiful melodies, skittering rhythms, and an air of wistfulness. The production is also excellent. I have all three of Esem's albums and like this one better than the other two, which I paid for. In general, I'd say this album is far better than a great deal of what can be paid for. I have about 40 GB of music on my iPod and this one gets played with a fair amount of regularity. If you like electronic music, especially melodic IDM, then do yourself a favor and go download this right now. Perfect music for an overcast or rainy day.

Check out Gordon's original post. More links to more valuable netlabel music in there.

Gordon, "Scateren" has the best reach of all music I'

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