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Here's where I owe it to Apple to plug a post about my 1st gen (black) iPod Nano. The tiny machine lived for 4 years, with only a single glitch. I listened to countless hours of music on it, and didn't care much about keeping its battery fit, outside of leaving it to discharge and (re)charge in full. I had it for days without juice, and I had it play a wake-up playlist many a time nobody was listening. Its last duty was the backup audio for my live gig in Moscow.

While I wouldn't go on raving about Apple's products, I do believe this one came from a time they still had proper quality control... If it was not for me carelessly tossing it in the washing machine, I'd still go around town listening to some yet unreleased podcast

Being the angelic soul she is, Halo has brought uvpød back to life by getting me a spare battery. Opening it up and installing the battery wasn't your typical piece of cake, but it works, and I am a happy 1st gen ipod nano geek again! ???

If you remember that Ars Technica review, I can confirm: Yes, you can wash an iPod Nano with your clothes, and there's a good chance it will keep going.

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