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And so it begins...


These people never learn. Some bright minds over at Warner, EMI, Sony, and the likes, decided to fry The Pirate Bay's operators' arses.. over I quote: "4 software applications, 9 films and 22 music tracks".. Here, read for yourself.

I might be quoting wrong here, and I'm pretty sure this is the necessary specific case, instead of the vague "promoting copyright infringement", but I'm surprised these folks seem to think that shutting down TPB will change anything.

Don't get me wrong here. I am an artist, I respect and support people's original work. And I do not promote or approve of piracy. But you have to understand that you and I are witnessing something far bigger, seemingly getting out of hand.. because it's a revolution. Core unstable. Supernova exploding. Or something.

Now there's the option of fighting it, or there's the option of just waking up to it, and starting to think... OK, what do we do?

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