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Is uvpød dying?


My 1st gen iPod Nano presented me with a multi-language prompt to restore it by using iTunes today. A few days before that, while skipping through a podcast track it freezed and I had to hold center+menu until it restarted. This has never happened before. The restore went fine, I said good bye to some songs I had lost track of and synced some others.

I've grown fond of this little player and although I've been thinking of a Touch (mind, I cannot afford it at this time unfortunately) I do not feel ready to part with the Nano. I've no idea if having to reset/restore it after three years of faithful service means anything.. though I am sort of already expecting some bad news in the near future..

It, being black and shiny, and first-gen, will be impossible to replace...
Ah well..

Edit: It lived, after resetting. And then, one day, when I got back from Moscow, it found itself in the laundry. Dead battery.

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