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on leaving Twitter


Leaving Twitter without even saying anything wasn't in my plans. It just... happened. I removed the app from my phone's home screen and haven't bothered to open it since. Shortly before I did that, I was noticing that the For You tab was showing me increasingly toxic content – beyond no-go topics like US politics (I know to avoid in an election year), there were "funny" videos of people hurting themselves in stupid ways, crypto stuff I've never had any interest in and I disagree with and which had the effect of just angering or depressing me, fuck knows what else that I can't remember anymore which was adding up. And ads, ads every three or four posts.

So I had to make a hard decision. I gave up on two very nice curated feeds – one for UK politics, one for events in Ukraine – and look at the larger picture of being good to myself mentally.

So I left, and so have others. And then, over the next days since, I saw no reason to go back. The UK politics feed was my own non-public feed, impossible to replicate elsewhere as the sources that make it simply aren't moving away from Twitter. If I had ever done anything close to a functional filter tool in the spirit of "Here comes everybody", that feed was it. But that platform is too harmful to come near anymore.

You'll find me on Bluesky.


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