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I'm proud to have mastered releases for two artists I myself admire and have huge respect for. It really was something to take their raw mixes, problems and all, and sculpt them into finished tracks for release.

The first album is Modern Rope by Proem. As dark ambient goes, having had my fair share of Deathprod and Ben Frost listens, this was pretty much comfort zone material. Not to say it's easy listening, but there's warmth and humanity in it. And sonic excellence.

The other is Another Door Opens by Vim. Back in my formative years, Mono211 had cult status. Great to see Vim release more of his trademark beautiful music! His raw tracks have a rather unique sound, so the master became about pushing my own boundaries to change significant aspects of what are otherwise perfectly formed compositions, It's my privilege to have worked on it. The apparent simplicity makes these tunes all the more masterfully composed.

Lots to learn from these two.

In these collaborations, something about art and vulnerability and connection and being human is briefly revealed, then it disappears, leaving a fuzzy feeling in place. Meaningful time.

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