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3 decades of brothomstates


Interested in some old Brothomstates (then Dune^Orange) tracks on MP3? To celebrate the 30th birthday of my favourite musician and influence, Lassi Nikko, I compiled a podcast of some of his old and more complicated to find material, together with newer tracks and remixes. All mod tracks have been mastered especially for the podcast.

Click here to download it in mp3. Don't let the bulgaran language offend you. The on-the-page player and download links are right below the tracklisting. It'd be nice of you to leave a comment on !ttl too ;) .


Excerpts from the text and intro:

"Half of the music on this episode was created on an 8bit tracker. Means sound quality as bad as a 6-voice polyphonic cellphone, coming out of a computer running DOS."

"Lassi is a bedroom-electronica pioneer and creates his early works during a time in which computers can hardly produce music. For the same reason, at places, this episode will sound a bit strange, noisy, and '8bit'."

If nothing else you should hear "Caero". Happy listening.

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