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The Creative Cost of Piracy


I don't like piracy. It's a dangerous topic. You can't take sides. There's no way to win the argument, either side. I liken it to talking about religion. Lots of things can go wrong, really fast. But this I never saw coming. Over at The Music of Sound, there's a fantastic post, commenting on a recent interview with Julian Smirke who edited Star Trek (2009).

I've recently seen enough incomplete reels with double, even triple timecodes and lots of other text imposed over the images, which itself have plenty of temp effects, green screens and so on. It's not pretty. Why anyone would leak anything like that is beyond me.

So the studios will have the creative professionals on their side, but the punishment for the creatives is ever so sly. Blame (other) pirates for the leaks that, possibly, originated from your post-production house? If anyone ever told that to my face (pun intended) via picture, first urge I'd get is to respond back.

Can you do sound to black and white images? Possibly. But surely you'd be missing out on some finer nuances. And I thought in large piracy is encouraged by products, (not copies,) of mediocre quality?

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