LP3: Scateren

Digital release on Bandcamp


  1. b~ckbook
  2. dispehrse
  3. spider boat fisherman loudspeaker
  4. aatu (ussn)
  5. legho
  6. 80 20 30 51
  7. all this empty space
  8. a sound of halo
  9. ~ pt.1 (fiumicino terminal)
  10. ~ pt.2 (8,0°E 30,51°Z)
  11. microessen
  12. laid egg
  13. perpetual state of moseley

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Reviews of the 2016 remaster

Man, this one grows with every track. At first it might seem unappealing, but give it time. Holy shit. ihamsterviel / RYM
Feels like it belongs to no particular time or decade.
The sound is exquisite. I keep finding new details I had not noticed before. Trx
Something already beautiful has become even more so. Spacious and light, with much more detail and clarity. proyko
I anticipated every sound, purely from memory, and there it was. It sounds perfect. Antea
Have been hoping for a physical release for some time - this is the next best thing, Esem's best work.... Superb stuff Dominic Saraceno
Sounds like an altogether different album. It has clarity and contrast.
Playing Spider Boat for the third time - a favourite track, now even more. Res / Jisatsuken

Reviews of the free 2005 edition

This is one of those electronic albums that at times doesn't feel so electronic. It's interesting and varied to invite another listen and yet another listen. For some reason, I've been drawn to this album a lot. I've listened it countless times and it's up there, with some of the best music I've heard. It baffles me that such great music remains largely unlistened. qubission / RYM
The songs are mostly slow, beautiful, magical, and pretty; sounding like a dream. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, usually somewhere in between. Production quality is high, subtleties in deliberate sample manipulation and arrangements are incredibly complex and interesting. For those that are able to recognize it, this album is one of the rare modern day classics. zoo (tribe board)
Free music should not be this good. faradaytheblob
Esem's Scateren is a voyage of discovery, containing all the essential nuances, styles, feelings, moods and contrasts that we've grown to adore in Esem's previous releases. Thirteen tracks of pure excellence with a running time of sixty minutes. kahvi
George Marinov aka Esem is a frisky sound aesthete and a meticulous scientist at the same time. Within the boundaries of the IDM genre the Bulgarian fathoms all sound angles thoroughly and works his finds into his songs with a sure taste for style. Layer by layer the sound compresses that way to a very own, unique construct. His last record published on Kahvi, "Scateren", reflects the Esem - spectrum delightfully.
Marinov's music is elusive because it touches you and then vanishes as you try to examine what it has done to your brain.[...] Scateren will wash you. Stop reading. Go listen. igloomag,read full review
It is a pretty rare case when I am seduced to download stuff from the websites of net labels. I might be overwhelmed by a very strong belief that the stuff that is free cannot be of high quality. The reason for pushing "download" might only be the name Esem (aka George Marinov) - the name that is marked with irremissibly shameless talent., read full review
This production is really refreshing for me. This is really the kind of music i do and i like, using many analog sounds, real ones and mix everything with some crazy drums, shake everything and it gives a so tasty cocktail. I really do recommend this good production.
Very beautiful soundscapes for your mind and soul. Simply excellent! electroshocker
The quality of esem's body of work is second to none. 1 succeeded 0 failed 0 skipped
[...]I would liked to have seen this album get a full CD release and I can only hope that releasing it this way will get more people to listen his music. I first heard an outstanding track from this album, Dispehrse about 2.5 years ago and it still sounds as emotional now as it did then. I can't recommend this album enough[...] loopz orbital community boards
Some of the songs send me on a journey in my mind when I really get to sit & listen, yes they take me places.... Beautiful places mostly, some lonely or empty (or maybe I mean peaceful, I'll have to go again & see). loopz orbital community boards
Flowing and cascading around the songs are the light plucks and mellow beats that contain the essence of emotion, and utter brilliance. With catchy leads and break-beats, this has to be truly the best and most sentimental album I have heard to date on kahvi, and I stand by my word on that. kahvi community boards
this is very very impressive. to listen to it quickly is to leave off some of the great intricacy from the tracks. And there's a lot of variety within the tracks that are there. kahvi community boards
[Esem] has moved on from the sound he had when he was on De'focus records to a much more boulder sound, its not so much just computers anymore there is a lot more in this kind of music. Tracks like Laid Egg are very complex and sound lush and textured user reviews
It's easy to make soul touching music barely my means of letting it sound darkish. George somewhat manages a much closer touch without using that "darkish" trick. Quite amazing and outstanding.
My son is 4 years old (and slightly mentally handicaped), so he's got difficulties in expressing what he wants. He sometimes states that he wants "beautiful bells", and I've found out that he wishes to listen to Esem then. He just keeps sitting on the sofa, motionless listening and dreaming. community forums (thank you; most touching comment i've ever got)
"Scateren" e um album repleto de temas com melodias singelas de harpa sintetica e tempos quebradicos de clicks e estalos percussivos de computador. Esse disco e um lugar aconchegante de onde nao da vontade de sair: dos ambientes dub como "Aatu" (em parceria com Lackluster) ao IDM minimal de faixas como "A Sound of Halo". udigrudi