EP2: Aquanaut

This has been a decade of searching for the meaning of composing and releasing music and it only gets more mysterious and complicated as time goes by.

  • digital download only, one 10" acetate copy
  • Recorded between 2009 and 2013 in London
  • gorgeous PDF artwork by Denitsa Blagoeva
  • Released 25 December 2013 (ESEM_EP2)


  1. Dive
  2. Resilients
  3. Bioluminescence
  4. Ssyeru
  5. Found and Lost

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Quite simply, this is rewarding electronic music of the highest order. Investigate immediately. James Knapman, Igloomag
All of the esem work is precise, lush, delicate and many other wonderful things. proem
Typically superb work by Esem. Distinctive melodies with those characteristic crisp, percussive sounds and the production quality is fantastic. Maurizio Giambrone (opaeq)
an electronic music pioneer..
crisp melodic production,just gorgeous music and brilliant to see new material from him.
Favorite track: Bioluminescence Simon Walmsley
♩ Ssyeru: "an expressive track that reveals more and more with each listen (Sutemos "We Make Music")
#divine King Britt
Electronic masterpiece and return to form. Steve Rhodes
Beautiful music, crazy sound & producing, and gorgeous art. Jamie Billings