EP3: | |

Unguided meditation on ambiguity, reaction, feedback.

  • ESEM_EP3
  • digital download
  • recorded 2007—2017 in London and Sofia


  1. n-fold
  2. 1
  3. NaN
  4. lt_ft
  5. 0w
  6. v l or*
* bonus track only included with download

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I keep coming back to this album. Tobias W
A worthy extended player from a dedicated audio craftsman that dips into extraneous electronic pathways than previous explorations. Igloomag
It features outstanding production that is almost forensic in it’s detail, but remains utterly free of any pretension, always sounding organic and natural, never clinical. It has a huge breadth and variety of style but remains focused and consistent. It is both complex and subtle, yet each track features beautifully-layered melodies that are highly memorable. Roel Funcken (Funckarma)
Wow. This EP packs some serious sound design. Kaneel
Another pure bliss. My favourite musician. Adam Zbiejczuk