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I have strong feelings about how locked into the walled gardens of social networks we have gradually become.
This isn't about that. I'm keeping Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud for now.

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At last, let's do this. It is terrifying and exciting!

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why I removed Bandcamp's purchase prompt

July 12th | comment

bandcamp limit screenshot

Something I wasn't quite aware of before. Recently Bandcamp's "limit paid tracks to X plays before requiring purchase" setting caught my eye, I believe it was on and set to 3 plays by default, and I set it to 10 until I'd had a think. 

The old music vs money issue that I touched on in Scateren's release notes rears its ugly head now. It's true I'm having a most difficult time, not simply making ends meet with my art alone (I simply don't release often enough), but also finding the strength to keep working on new music (I don't want to churn out junk). But extorting people who pressed "play" is not my thing.

I've taken the limit away altogether. Aquanaut is still here and there's new stuff coming. Many of Aquanaut's purchases were in expression of gratitude. But forced love isn't love and I'll have no such fake hearts around my music.

Apologies if this prompt has ever blocked anyone.

yours: esem

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I create and release electronic music and sometimes - field recordings. When that isn't enough, I work in the field of audio post-production here in London.

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