Georgi Marinov - digital developer

I plan and execute online software projects for, and with, teams and companies.
Email me at
I'm based in North London and regularly do this from a distance.


Depending on the requirements, I mix and match from the following skillset


  • OO PHP full-stack with MySQL and Redis
  • Node.js/Express with Mongodb/Mongoose
  • JSON/REST APIs, e-payments, encryption
  • CI, working knowledge of containers


  • Javascript ES6, React
  • crossbrowser HTML + CSS + SVG
  • vector graphics, bitmap images, colour management, svgo
  • command line in macOS, anything *x or via terminal



Random Reference

GD georgi dimitrov founder and constructive idealist at nonsofia Georgi's remarkable intelligence struck me when I first met him in 1997. His ability to handle raw information and create unique gourmet functionalities out of it is incredible. That combined with his aesthetic and yet very delicate touch makes of him the indispensable asset to every successful team or project. Moreover, his knowledge base can leave you with the impression that you are dealing with an encyclopaedia of the Universe, however still breathing, living and warm. Perhaps you already recognised the sort of person I am talking about, as we only meet such people very few times in our life.



Thinking in man-hours about your project? Please do get in touch.

Georgi Marinov
N6, London, UK
T: +44 7800 503 556