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Apple @ BG


One of my worse fears has come true. I need Apple warranty support in Bulgaria and there is little. It is either the company's (and its resellers' ?) policy not to respond to email or something, but I will need to bring my machine to the shop I bought it from, then spend some time without it and this gives me the shivers. Will it work the same way it does now? Will it have to travel the world to get fixed?

This is no PHP I can take anywhere with me, it's my mobile studio we're talking about. Since Apple have virtually killed my Superdrive with their stupid Firmware Update 2.1 (which I installed too soon, lesson learned), and I need some instrument libraries off my dual layer DVDs, guess, if I can use them? Of course not.

It pisses me off.

Edit: Apparently the guys have sent me a response and Yahoo mail (bless em) filtered it out as spam. Great. I also updated OSX to 10.4.11, something I was being hesitant to do.

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