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One for NI


I just can\'t get over the fact that Native Instruments have decided on such an awkward method of delivering software updates.

  1. The dreaded Service Center detects a new version every time I launch it, and asks me whether or not to download. Just do it automatically?! Like you\'d run if I didn\'t install it?
  2. For some reason I keep getting old version updates side by side with the newest ones. Mind, the appropriate box for not showing past updates is, of course, ticked.
  3. Instead of delivering updates that make amends, I am having to download packs of 100-300mb over and over again. Now picture a product version jumping from to Is that a 200mb worth of download? You bet it is.. wtf?
  4. Every single download offers me to overwrite the Service Center. ??
  5. And the cues from Microsoft! I click "?" next to a "Rig Kontrol 2 driver" installation option and guess what that says? "The Rig Kontrol 2 driver will be installed".

JFXt NI, what has happened? So many great products, but why all the grief?

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