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I cannot stay silent on this one. Let's get the facts out of the way first: Russia is waging a war in Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian forces are bombing Ukrainian cities and civilians. If the UN and International Court of Justice say so, there's nothing else to add.

We are living at a time of great uncertainty. Many people I know are not coping well. We were already burnt-out after a series of COVID lockdowns, and this war has brought more anguish in the peaceful parts of our planet, along with destruction and death in Ukraine.

Shameful stuff.

As an individual I feel powerless to do much else than token gestures. I have donated money to the Red Cross and elsewhere a bunch of times (edit: and I'm not happy at all to see ICRC shaking hands with Russian representatives. If you wish to donate, send your money to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society). I've been helping some friends separate fact from fiction, strong words from nuance. I've talked to my friends and family back in Bulgaria and tried to point to some of the very long history before this. I've tried to contribute calm where anxiety and irrational chaos have been taking over.

It's far from enough. On the other hand, we are billions of people, and each one of us can do something small, and those things stack up. That's the thought I leave you with 🤞

There will be another time for music. Until then!

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