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First of all: the timing of this is a coincidence.

I have wanted to live-stream for some time now and my past experiments were audio-only.

They were also concerts of sorts. This is different.

My Twitch stream is about process. In the evenings I sit down and create something from scratch. The first hour of the stream is often useless - more distracting and random than actually enjoyable. But it's a peek into my process.

There's no plan, and no prep. I start with a blank slate - an unpatched modular synth, make whatever sounds I make, stream the whole thing live, then disconnect everything and turn it all off. Sometimes I record it. Often I don't.

I do this for myself, and for a bunch of friends. You're welcome to join in. In fact I'd love to have you!


p.s. There is no archive.

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