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3 decades of Apple ][


Another 30th! This time I realise I celebrate the birthday of my very first computer - the Apple //e. I had an authentic, iron curtain, made-in-Bulgaria "Pravetz 8c" clone:


Photo taken from HomeComputer-Museum

Nevertheless it was a 100% copy of the original computer, and ran all Apple2, //e and Z80-specific software (such as CP/M). It introduced me to the work of Jordan Mechner, Anne Westfall and Aik Beng. It had me write my first piece of software, a small address/phone-book, my first TSR, copy-protection routine for a game.. and music.

Incidentally one of the popular Apple // viruses in Bulgaria was done by my brother. (It was harmless).

Fast forward. I use Apple again and am happier than ever. I still keep an Apple][ emulator and use it for the occasional Robot Odyssey session or to play some Gemstone Warrior. (yeah, call me a hippie, I dare you to find equivalents for the PC or Mac).

Here's to the excellent machine that still lives on, and to its parent company that is now quite possibly the best computer company in the world.

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