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on EP4


Looking at the liner notes for my third EP - | | I am reminded that it takes me a while to make sense of my own art, before I can offer it to you. I remember when that EP came out, the years listed, when the work on those tracks began, couldn't communicate well that it really has taken so much time for the pieces to materialise. Instead it seemed as if I was releasing tracks done ages ago.

Working on EP4 I'm not only going faster but seem to be able to spot and name formally what's missing before the "a-ha" moment, the one that unlocks progress forward. That's new. As before, rather than a project with a plan, this is art that self-organises, before I am able to take it forward. This time it has acquired the critical mass more quickly, but not by much.

It will be gloriously noisy. The music is already there, just not yet evenly distributed within.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned last time, my past works are free / pay-what-you-like.

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