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Aquanaut is 10



As I was browsing through my SoundCloud feed, I realised it said "10 years" next to the first drafts of "Resilients" and "Bioluminescence", then called "s2 c3a t1a" and "r5 t2 t3", both recorded in London, and on which I remember sampling various noises and destroying some piezo transducers in the process. I think much of "Ssyeru" was done even earlier when I was a Sound Design student at Ravensbourne (better late than never etc).

Aquanaut became my second EP, released in 2013.

These tracks pushed Logic Pro (before it was Logic Pro X) the hardest I ever could then - various sounds sculpting each other and basically being impossible to re-record later on. It took forever to arrive at a good fit between these few tracks but I'm happy with how the whole little EP has aged.

It is also one of which there are various related things.

  • There's a bit of "Dive" slapped on the end of a popular netlabel Various Artists compilation.
  • "Dive" itself has an early version ("130309b") in two parts, as well as a later 'prequel' version ("Emergence"), both of which I've played occasionally live.
  • The beginning of "Yourturn" (out on a Touched VA compilation) intentionally has the same sound design of "Dive".
  • "Resilients" ended up used on an app for Airbus.
  • "Ssyeru" has a 5.1 mix (lost to the digital gods).
  • "Found and Lost" has a video; the Spotify version lacks the sonified Circular Search pattern heard in the original.
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