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starting on the wrong foot


£150 later I was expecting the keys to my purchased plugins to land in my email inbox. I find that reasonable.

Instead: nothing. Just a measly "your new account details" email, with a password in it, and once inside the user area, it said "demo" and no serial numbers.

3 hours later still nothing. And it's Saturday. Dying hope.

To me, no sum of money is insignificant, especially when spent on software. Software breaks, is sunset, is abandoned, or is generally shit in a way that's not obvious till later. And having bought quite a few plugins that led to disappointment, I think twice before purchasing. Then I think again.

Here's my advice to anyone selling software: If your delivery and licensing isn't automated and guaranteed 24/7, please do not let people purchase your products and then wait to get their serial numbers. The wait is excruciating. Better yet, don't open shop until you have instant delivery and licensing in place. And a system health monitor.

Here's my advice to anyone selling plugins: We, musicians, like to rely on our tools. And we're not incredibly organised or diligent in archiving things, so when it comes to opening old projects, a plugin can become a pain point. Charge extra but spare us the shit, from day 1 till years after. And see note above.

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