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R.I.P Keith Flint


Gutted to hear of Keith Flint's death.

I'm sad and angry. Firestarter alone should have been enough for Keith to kick back and relax. And yet things kept troubling him. Why the fuck is life so out of balance lately? (£1 for the swearbox)

The Prodigy were a huge influence on my music taste and, later, production. Flint's death made me revisit the credits for their tracks, and what I find utterly intriguing is how he wasn't formally part of the music production up until Firestarter. To understand the impact of that transformation, watch the videos to No Good and then Firestarter. I will forever maintain that Music for the Jilted Generation is their best album, but that's not when The Prodigy were truly famous. Flint made them special.

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