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complicated likes


For a while I've been posting on my Instagram profile short sketches of myself practicing the piano or designing/sequencing interesting sounds. Usually it's either some ambience or just a very short motif - always bite-sized as there's a hard limit of one minute music per video. And the sound is mono.

Even though I tell myself that the reaction to these (diary) vids doesn't really matter, like every normal (?) person, with the corner of my eye I check out likes and comments. And over time I'm beginning to see instances where the reaction is not straightforward to judge. More specifically, occasionally instead of the typical "some likes, few comments", a video might get "few likes, more comments than usual" for the same number of views, and with very positive comments, just not as many likes. I broadly see comments as something very close to likes anyway, since a person has to have emotional reaction strong enough to bother leaving a comment at all. So naturally that strikes me as a little strange.

Instagram's visibility algorithms messing up this process further doesn't help any of it, but as I distil my original thoughts, I'm going towards the idea that a like is only a "straightforward like".

An "it's complicated like" looks different, shaped unlike a heart.

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