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The test of time


Some of my friends whom I gifted copies of | | did notice that the tracks were done over a longish period of time, or were just "completed" a long time ago. The latter is certainly true for "n-fold" and "NaN", but only if one considers the "end" to be the point at which a track stops being edited.

For me, sometimes it takes years of repeated listening to release a composition into the wild. In that time, I might change or extend the track, or I could destroy it and make an entire new composition with the same DNA but itself a whole other result. It was so in Enveloped (Eloki.neadu, Preledd). It was most true on Scateren (B~ckbook). Same with Aquanaut (Dive, Ssyeru). And now | | (1, 0w).

Sometimes the earlier versions can be found elsewhere. (e.g. Eloki Neadu vs Eloki, Postledd vs Preledd, Dive vs 13/13/13)

It takes me all this time to make sense of what the tune is actually about. To see where in the Esem universe it fits.

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