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The other day I was struck by the thought that today's music listener starts from the notion that they can access all the music in the world from day one. Not the opposite.

All the music ever made.

The normal.

Then the exception becomes what isn't in the catalogue. What's unavailable, obscure, hard to find, inaccessible. And somewhere inbetween - what is deeply buried in the mountains of "noise" - similar music, produced by people and machines, available in the cloud, in the Library of Spotifies, Apple Musics, etc.

Sounds romantic and quite terrifying at the same time.

Like some kind of snobbery - "meh, the Catalogue, I don't do that".

Effectively my position right now. I'm an artist without AWAL1.

Tomorrow, it might be inherently interesting. It might also be mountains of junk, vulnerable to being flooded by AI-published bits of music, but also created by people with a lot of free time on their hands. Music without an audience.

One way to find out.

1 Artists without a label.

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