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Enveloped - 2017 remaster


May 2017 marks fifteen years since my first album Enveloped was published on CD and LP.

I figured after deFocus shut down I'd give my first album a proper home. But unlike Scateren, which took about a year to restore and remaster, Enveloped, on which I started way back in 2007 with almost all multitrack recordings intact, just didn't work out for a whole decade, in many tries, and for many reasons. Until last week.

Enveloped started life on a 386 PC in this panelák, then made it to a physical release, aired on John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show, and put me in touch with people all over the planet. I owed it some TLC and can say I'm quite happy with the result. Mixed and remastered entirely in Logic Pro X, it is now available in lossless digital.

This re-release would not have been possible without some help from friends. The list is long and stretches back many years, but I absolutely need to thank Jeremy Rice, John Kaniarz, and Todor Rachinski, who patiently gave it another listen and emailed feedback. Also Pietro Da Sacco for his unwavering support on radio and online through all these years. Good time to mention Esa Ruoho who introduced my music to deFocus.
Others are listed in the individual track infos on Bandcamp.

♪♫ Enjoy.

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