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Scateren - 10 year anniversary remaster


October 2015 marked ten years since Scateren was first released.

Over the last year I worked to find the original files, and re-record them clean and uncompressed. Many months, virtual machines, reinstalled plugins, recreated presets, printed and reprinted tracks later, Scateren took the shape it never ever had before - its now 24 bit sources representing the original as closely as possible.

The final push required me to free up every last minute, consolidate and defragment my headspace. I'm super-glad to finally reissue this. I could say it's one of the benefits of quitting Facebook - that was a small but required part of it.

A world of thanks to the people who made this possible.

  • First and foremost Denitsa Blagoeva painted the beautiful new cover and back.
  • Esa Ruoho who agreed to release Aatu (ussn) as part of this.
  • John Kaniarz, Proyko Proykov, Elena Doncheva, Mihail Andonov, Todor Rachinski, all lent an ear.

I owe a whole lot to Nik 4T Thieves of Kahvi who took the beaten original under his wing and looked after the compressed oggs over the last decade. That free ogg version is Kahvi's forever.

♪♫ Enjoy.

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