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in the corporate hands again


So I was trying to do some housekeeping on Facebook and to my dismay it turns out Facebook has long had a favourite Esem page, or at least one that it keeps promoting in search results. A search for "Esem" from a fresh account brings up an automatically generated Wikipedia page, rather than the official page at . Sometimes that same term search just doesn't bring up the official page at all, like when editing someone's liked music details. 

I've always said this re-channeling of intent needs to stop, and I'm very sad to see a big and powerful network create such hurdles to independent people like myself. I could swallow last fm or bandcamp data syndicated across the whole internet, but the treatment from Google, Facebook, even Wikipedia, keeps adding up now. 

All the while I'm trying to write music.

Dealing with similar problems so often is not only distracting, but also demoralising. As a composer, I need that faint glimmer of hope in humanity, otherwise it's hard to even explain where the motivation goes. 

Anyway, I hate Facebook as much as the next person and if it weren't for the 675 people who like their news delivered *on* Facebook, i'd shutter that page immediately. No links, please do sign up to my mailing list if, like me, you're fed up with Facebook tweaking our lives endlessly.

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