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on the little things


Sometimes it can be incredibly frustrating to just sit down and do some music.

  • Native Instruments have issued a raft of updates for various instruments and effects. Proceed through the Service Center to download them, remembering not to press the "install" button since the last time I did that, it messed my install, uhm, completely.
  • But then the Supercharger update refuses to install saying it cannot find its own installation folder.
  • Xcode then refuses to edit the Supercharger preferences file saying I don't have permissions. Then saying I don't own it. Then saying the parent folder is locked. The .plist is no longer text-based otherwise I would have vim'd it on the spot. Move file out, edit, move file back in. Supercharger still won't install.
  • But its package file is now a monolith binary which I cannot open from the console. I give up.
  • Launching Logic. It detects the plugins and then spends good 10 seconds on "starting EuCon support", as if to remind me I bought Avid's most expensive paperweight of a control surface and almost never use it. It's not even connected. 

Hardware synths? This is why people buy them. 

/rant. sorry

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