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OSX really needs a Winamp 2


Rant ahead.

I get it, there is no money in a Winamp-like mp3 player, and there is no point in making one because only dinos listen to mp3s, and anyway all mp3s are up there in the cloud. For those of us still walking on Earth with relics on hard drives, and * forbid if those files sit on a network drive, there's iTunes and if you're really patient - Vox.

Drag file or folder to player window : music starts playing or gets added to the playlist. One playlist with a window that can add, remove, reoder and drag&drop entries. Ability to load and save playlist files. Ability to open and stream URLs. Volume control, song position bar, play/pause, skip and previous buttons. This is the player OSX needs, and never had, until Vox came along.

And for a while Vox seemed to work, and then one day it no longer did, changed owners, changed version, added features without fixing bugs, and now basic things like reordering playlist entries or pressing backspace to remove an entry don't work. The network storage files issue? Good luck. 

We did fine before there was remote control, cover art, library, organiser, lists of radio stations, collections, search, fancy graphics, animations, skins, etc. iTunes is horrible and not one person on this planet really needs another player with access to iTunes library music (Vox:check) - think about it.

I can hear the Windows people laughing. The cleverest of them kept a copy of Winamp 2 or 3 somewhere and it still works on Windows 10. iTunes is a tragedy. Winamp on OSX is a joke.

And Vox on OSX is a sheer source of frustration. "We're working on Vox for iPhone" they say. Bring back the sanity in this ecosystem, please.


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