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osx is broken


I last ranted about OSX when 10.4.11 broke my audio so I had to roll back an extension to 10.4.10. Sadly with Logic Pro X 10.1 requiring OSX 10.9 I had to finally give up my nice 10.8 install and found myself in the land of broken OSX again.

Class-compliant audio over Firewire is intrinsic to the Mac. By this I mean Apple once pushed for Firewire. Apple has always been the plug-and-play company so what else other than class-compliant. Apple first for the liberal arts. Apple for Quicktime. And now Quicktime Player cannot play a regular .mov file without the sound crackling. This is wrong. It's shocking on how many levels something such as this is wrong.

OSX is broken in many places. We, artists, tend to tolerate it because it tolerates us, dragging and dropping and doing things in the wrong order. But the contract has always been - we pay into the Apple ecosystem on the understanding that it magically just works. OSX now - this isn't it.


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