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the Esem page on Wikipedia..


The Esem page on Wikipedia is up for deletion as I type this.

This is the second time I'm caught in Wikipedia's internal politics

The same guy seems to have proposed the Demo, 64k Intro, and Music Disk pages for deletion too. Crazy!

I'll tell you, as a tech-savvy person I hate to see the internet being profit- or politics-driven, and in this case ignorance-driven. 

Read my lips: it is the internet, it is already filled to the brim with junk, and in that junk we kill the actual information. You, me, everyone, we are part of this. It is for the same reason I slowed down my musical output, it is for the same reason I slowed down my twitter feed, for the same reason I stopped posting often on Facebook (other issues aside).

If you'd like to show your support and help a concise Biography of a Living Person page to survive on Wikipedia, I would be honoured and very grateful. Leave a note on the Talk page.

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