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The man on the right in my favourite photo of The Orb is Kris Weston, a.k.a Thrash. Three things have happened since he left the band, which in my view prove that he was the brain behind their legendary sound: 

  • 1] The music on Orblivion straightened itself out quite noticeably, even if it retained much of the feel. RIP Andy Hughes

2] Orb's output past Cydonia can't manage to nail the same atmosphere. Hughes left them around that time too.

3] Transit Kings contains the front men of both The Orb and KLF and still sounds sh**.

I have long admired Orb's unusual sound but only now discovered the details around Kris Weston and his departure. Read his journal - he's been through a lot (edit 19/05/2015 link no longer works so try this). Weston is fundraising for a new album. As every other artist, he needs just enough money* to sustain a living while he records it, and he needs you and me to acknowledge that as a fact, and to help make it happen. - an odd-looking (and -feeling) site, I know, but actually you know what, I don't mind. Harks back to a era, that late night vibe of discovering people (and their work) in the far corners of the planet, through a dial up text terminal. A site self-crafted by a man who cares zip about the corporate world.. you know, like in the early spirit of the intertubes.

A little goes a long way when there's more of us helping. I did, and you should too.

p.s. also read this.

p.p.s 1000 true fans, remember?

*Edit 19/05/2015: I've been following Kris for a while now, and would like to revise to an extent what I've said above, specifically the "just enough money" bit. Artistically, his is an overly ambitious plan which puts a strain on everyone involved, or so it looks from the backers' updates. Technically, he must be joking about the kit he needs (and also). Maybe I'm stupid and can't judge people's personality early, so I'm the only one finding this unexpected. 

I still believe Kris deserves patronage (and in these most difficult of times I still chipped in), but can only shrug at seeing his plan hit obstacles to do with people, time, and good will.

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