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a brief note on Spotify etc


You may find Esem music on Spotify, Rdio, or other online music services. This especially applies to MP3 stores such as e.g. Amazon. 

I presently get nothing from any sales/subs on these services. I haven't been contacted by the labels or distributors who uploaded them there. I don't expect this makes any difference, but whether you purchase Serial Human on mp3 or just download it from a torrent site, I get the same nothing. 

I'd go as far as to suggest that you don't spend your money.

Credit must go to Bleep (Warp Records), who promptly took down Enveloped as soon as they learned that this was in error.

I'm working on new material to be released (likely independently) maybe earlier than 2016 ;) Update: see this. The best place to hear previews is still SoundCloud.

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