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City in the Sky


My good friend Tsvetan Toshkov used a track I had previously recorded for the backdrop to this gorgeous-looking video. I suggested that I do the sound effects as well (as this is what I *do* nowadays, right?). So we ended up passing the vid back and forth and feeding back each other's ideas.

We did this in our spare time, yet I'm pretty happy with the result. Way back the original track was meant to go on a project for Westfield Stratford in London, however the Creative Director at the time didn't like that it sounded a bit too sinister, so I reworked it many times, before finally replacing it with a different tune altogether. But this stayed in there (I trust you'll hear why I kept it around) and it was a matter of extending it to cover the full length of the marvellous cut.

Some subtle details in there enhance the video, and I find it amazing what you can do when you produce video and music so intimately together. As for the sounds, they were no less challenging as it made sense to stay away from the literal (I mean, a metropolis never sounds too pleasant). Yet I thought "let's bring all the normal things all the way up there in the sky".

The sound design and music was created in Logic Studio, although if I had the same tools in Pro Tools the sound effects and mix would have ended up made there. So for a real trivia moment, check if you can spot the subtle reverb change as you briefly find yourself in the temple shortly before the end.


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