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silence vs noise


Silence is great. While studying (Sound Design) at Ravensbourne I've started paying more attention to it not only because it's quite impossible to find, but also because in our day and age, it comes loaded with so much meaning. 

Wikipedia has a great article on silence but the original reason I began writing this post was a Newsweek article about Gordon Hempton, a nature recordist who has recently focused on silence. Hempton's work on 'endangered' silence links nicely with Chris Watson's recent programme 'A Problem with Noise' about how man-made noise changes not only the environment but also its inhabitants. The links at the bottom of the BBC page are interesting too. As a glue inbetween all of this, there's the excellent 'Soundscape - the tuning of the world' by R. Murray Schaffer.

I find it amazing when I can have a quiet moment. These have become increasingly rare. 

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